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Amanda Vejbæk-Zerr
Personal Trainer

The athlete inside me still burns deep and enjoys the challenge of building better bodies and minds.
I will set you on a path to your desired goals, be it building gorgeous muscles, toning the beautiful body
you have or lowing bodyfat to give more quality years to your life.READ MORE!

Prego It

Gracefully grow into your beautiful baby bump. Stay strong and healthy for the physical challenges of birth with focus on strengthening of the pelvic floor. Staying fit and healthy throughout pregnancy will help you …

Fit Mom It

Be inspired. Be empowered. Feel the beautiful woman emerge back into the glorious mommy body. Be strong. Live long. I will show you the way to your ultimate , glowing mommy self. Babies and chariots are welcome.

Rollerblade It

Personal Rollerblading Endurance Workout. Rollerblade together with me along the sea as I monitor your heart rate, setting your pace to get your heart and lungs in the best condition they’ve ever been. Babies and chariots are welcome.


TRX in the Park. TRX is the ultimate core strengthening and stabilizing workout to get a gorgeously toned body. Join me for private TRX sessions in Charlottenlund Beach Park, my most inspirational location, looking out to the sea. Babies and chariots are welcome.

Lift It

Personal training at Well-come Fitness Centre. Strength, flexibility and endurance training, all offered in this luxurious fitness center. TRX training is also available. No membership required.

Lose It

A special focus on losing bodyfat and getting to a healthy BMI through getting your metabolism burning with strength training and cardio interval training combined with nutrition awareness and responsibility.

Book your session

If this is your first booking please contact me at to book your inital assessment.

All training includes initial assessment, measurements and testing, training program set up,
before and after photos and nutritional guidance.


Dream big. Live fully and enjoy the small moments and go after those big life fullfilling goals. Here is a little taste of inspirational and life confirming moments so far in my life. I hope it inspires you to dream as well.


Technique is key. It is key to success and safetly, especially when learning to lift and train with weights. These videos will keep you on track with your technique when I am not with you for hands on training.

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